Why Choose an American Standard Toilet

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The American Standard toilets offer many of these innovative features and below are a few that are sure to surprise you.

Here’s Our Story

In about 1985, we had a son who was still living at home and also we had a new baby boy, and we needed to do something about our current living quarters. We needed to extend it somehow, and we eventually concluded that we needed an extension built. My company was at the time doing good and the building was going to ended up costing around $50000. The aim was to get the best building company possible. I believed I had this nailed down as I used an individual who was a member of the sports club I belonged to. That was my blunder.

I was let down badly as I didn’t get what was expected. Nonetheless, a fella with just a blow torch, a monkey wrench and some copper piping arrived on my doorstep. In fact he saved the entire situation and the standard of his workmanship was excellent. In addition to that, he was also amicable and very professional.

If there is anything at all you’re able to take from the experience, it is to spend a little time finding a dependable plumber in your locality. Fortunately, I will tell you some things to do to ensure you don’t meet up with the issues I ran into.

Hire An Accredited Dealer

First, don’t organize it all on your own. This is particularly the situation in regards to plumbing workmen. If you do not have familiarity with hiring and firing tradespeople, you should not try this on your own.

Next, do some homework. This means you can ask people in your area or in the pubs that you frequent. Be sure to speak with family members and friends as well. They might be able to show you where to head to find a decent labor force.

Last, always get two or three estimates from potential plumbers. Do not simply go for the least expensive quote as this isn’t always the best action to take. In addition, it can lead to something dreadful. If you carry out the research and obtain estimates, you will be ok.

If you want to buy a good quality toilet, then here is a series of tips we feel is a good reason to take a close look at the American Standard lineup.

No Plunge

The no plunge system is called the Champion 4 and it is included in many American Standard toilets. It is the undisputed leader in high performance toilets. It has the industry’s widest trapway and flush valve that virtually eliminates clogged toilets (it will even flush a bucket of golf balls without clogging). This system has been tested and retested and has proven to be powerful and efficient. Just one flush will create a swift, powerful current inside the bowl. The system comes with a 10 year warranty – that is 9 years more than most other brands.

The Right Height

This is in an innovative feature that prevents many American Standard toilets (and sinks) from putting undue stress on your body. The company designed these products with our bodies in mind and with the various models offered, you are certain to find just the right dimensions that will put the least amount of burden on your body.

Ever Clean Surface

This system will help to keep your toilet cleaner for a longer period of time. It incorporates a patented silver ion additive that is put right into the circulation piping and this protects the pipes from mold, mildew, algae and fungus. This surface will make your toilet easier to clean even after years of use.

Dual Flush Flo-Wise

American Standard toilets with this feature will conserve and save you money with every flush. It features a two-button actuator located on top of the tank. You get to choose between a 0.8 gallon flush or a 1.6 gallon flush. What a water saver this feature is and conserving water makes both ecological and economical sense.

These are all factors that differentiate not only American Standard toilets, but all their products, from their competitors. The company offers collections of bathroom and kitchen appliances. For instance, their Town Square Collection is steeped in tradition and detail. The new Town Square toilets are actually inspired by the classic crown molding of the Baltimore Estate. You can mix and match over 200 coordinated pieces including toilets, bathtubs, pedestal sinks, whirlpools, towel bars, faucets and shower doors to name just a few.

The Cadet Collection is practical and functional. It is a classic style suited for any bathroom with all pieces featuring soft lines and rounded curves. The latest addition to this collection is the Cadet 3 American Standard toilet that features a smart design and delivers a higher performance, all at a great price. There are many other collections from which to choose, for example, the Colony Collection with its timeless look and the Williamsburg Collection that embodies the visions and designs of Colonial America. No matter what your decor, American Standard toilets and other items will enhance your bathroom and give it a style all its own!

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